Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dr. Wood's WTC Evidence

See here and click on "Fire Investigation Report on World Trade Center Buildings-- Request for Correction dated March 16, 2007".

Please take time to look at her presentation.

Only a fool could look at her presentation and not be convinced that the WTC was demolished, most likely by high-tech weaponry.

The shills of course, know what happened-- they just pretend to be dumb, or simply laugh at everything. Derision is an effective tool for psychological control.


Now, what exact technology was used to take down the towers, is not clear. Of course, the burden of proof to show what exactly was used on the towers, is not on Dr. Wood. Dr. Wood speculates that "Directed Energy Weapons" (DEW) were used, and there is some reason to think that they were used.

Personally, I think much of what happened at the WTC can be explained by small pure fusion nukes. Small nukes can explain the series of deep explosions that were heard before the towers fell (see "911 Eyewitness"). Nukes can vaporize ("dustify") steel. Unlike DEW, nukes produce massive amounts of energy and do not require an outside energy source. Mini-nukes are obviously powerful, so very few would be required. Pure fusion nukes would leave very little radioactive residue-- just tritium, and that was found at ground zero. Other pieces of evidence that fit nukes are found here. Finally, there is a history of the US using nukes extensively, in different scenarios, and on innocent people.

I can't rule out DEW-- they quite possibly were used in conjunction with nukes. And there is reason to think DEW was used.

Finally, DEW and mini-nuke technologies overlap to some extent, in terms of their effects-- they both release extremely high levels of energy; in the case of DEW, the energy is more focused. It is even conceivable that there are fusion-based DEWs.

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