Friday, August 24, 2007

Brief Evidence of Nuclear bombs used at the WTC on 9/11/01

From the Anonymous Physicist, extracted from here.

-- the proven existence of mini-nukes and micro-nukes

-- massive outward explosions as seen in videos of the towers' "collapses"

-- the vaporization of a large steel press in the WTC basement

-- the wrinkling into “foil” of a steel/concrete door

-- the spherical blast wave destruction

-- the “nuclear meteorite” (a chunk of WTC debris with 4 floors fused together)

-- the feeling of heat without fire of numerous witnesses

-- the burned or hanging skin (Felipe David), without fire, like so many Hiroshima victims

-- the responders’ teeth later falling out (Tartaglia), like numerous American Army A-Bomb test veterans/victims

-- the missing, presumably vaporized, building contents

-- the missing, presumably vaporized 1157 people, unaccounted for at Ground Zero

-- the massive evidence of the China Syndrome of resultant nuclear reacting fragments causing the very high heat and molten steel witnessed (and photographed) by so many firefighter and responders at least six months after 9/11

-- the clothing discarding from rescue workers

-- the decontamination procedures of rescue workers

-- EMT Ondrovic’s account of Electromagnetic Pulse and instantaneous resultant car fire, and the door exploding into her as WTC 5,6, were being exploded from within, near her (explained here)

-- the micro- or nano-fine particle debris/dust size

-- much more, all indicate the federal regime set off numerous mini-nuclear bombs in the WTC on 9/11.

The witnesses for nukes that my articles have cited, included:

-- numerous WTC workers, including Felipe David,

-- numerous firefighters, including Bronx firefighter Joe O’Toole

-- EMT worker Patricia Ondrovic

-- numerous first responders, including Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia

-- WTC stationary engineer Pecoraro

-- fire engineering professor Dr. Barnett

-- top British and American Structural Engineers including Keith Eaton, PhD who were shown “secret” molten steel photos denied to the rest of us

-- Leslie E. Robertson, {American] Structural Engineer (and partial designer of WTC)

-- Kenneth Holden NYC Commissioner

-- Thomas von Essen, NYC Fire Commissioner

-- policeman: many (or the vast majority of the 503 who were found)

-- other on-scene witnesses have—- for the moment—likely have been silenced, as detailed herein—- which is witness tampering, and worse.

Scientific data have also been cited, including —



-- seismic readings before “collapse”,

-- Tritium finding (UCAL/Berkeley, and subsequent Tahil study)

-- the now exploding number of “rare” CANCERS among responders, including thyroid, leukemia, and lymph cancer—all common among radiation victims

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