Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breakthrough: The Story Of Cathy T, & The Large Earthquake That Was Felt One Mile Away When WTC1 Was “Hit”!

By The Anonymous Physicist

Cathy T. who lives, and works, in her apartment, which is about one mile north of the WTC, has this breaking story. Furthermore, the following events were witnessed by two people present with Cathy during these occurrences. Cathy recalls these events occurred between 8:30 and 9 A.M. on 9/11/01 Note that WTC1 was “officially hit” at about 8:46 A.M.

Cathy, to the best of her recollection, recalls “about four seismic events” in her apartment— which is between the 10th and 20th floor of her building-- with “the first one being the largest”, and “the other three were significantly less intense” and can now be seen to likely be after-shocks, that “came in approx. 30 sec intervals after the main one.” Cathy says she can never forget seeing “books fall off their shelves”, and seeing or feeling the “floor jumping up and down”, and her almost losing her balance at that time between 8:30 and 9.00 A.M. She did not know, at the time about what was happening, or just happened, at the WTC. She says she did not experience these things when the second tower was “hit.” It is also important to note that Cathy T did not experience any Seismic activity during either “collapse’ event.

All this indicates the “official” regime Seismic recordings are a farce, as I have previously written and had published here. The Seismic “readings” admittedly are “re-analyses” of data, as requested by the regime. Now according to the US Geological Survey, the “collapse” maxima of 2.1 and 2.3 might not be felt even right where it was occurring, or just barely felt and not cause the effects Cathy felt a mile away from the first “plane hit.” Though I am a physicist and not a geologist, I have been in 5.1 Earthquakes and have done some reading on these matters. IMO, to be transmitted at such a level of intensity one mile north, and possibly further, directly implies a seismic level of at least 4.0, at the origin. There is always the possibility that wave phenomena led to reinforcements at local hotpsots (perhaps anti-nodes) which included her building. The spikes of the two “plane impacts” are “officially” 0.9 and 0.7 respectively. Far greater energy than is contained in quakes of these levels would be needed to cause the events felt by Cathy T, a mile away. Thus, I assert, the “plane hit” spikes in the seismographs were likely greatly truncated! (As were the “collapse” spikes.) Now it is questionable whether a plane hit, or an explosion, high up would transmit much energy to the ground as the energy would likely first be absorbed by the building itself. But if a simultaneous sub-basement nuke was set off, this would likely have a large seismic spike that would need to be “re-analyzed/truncated” as the gov’t requested.

So tying the eyewitness report of Cathy T. to my earlier articles, it is likely that in the nuclear demolition of the WTC towers, perhaps the largest nukes employed occurred in the sub-basements, using the “plane hits” as “camouflage.” And that many smaller nukes were used during the actual demolition-- along with some conventional explosives as I have detailed previously.

Recall also that earlier I have stated that other regime-released “scientific” data is bogus. This includes the second AVIRIS (ground tempeature) data set; and this has been massively verified by other data and countless eyewitnesses, molten boots and more. And this article I wrote, also has a fireman describing a seismic event during collapse that had to be significantly more than a 2.1 or 2.3.


It also contains: eyewitness testimony of firefighters believing they were nuked on 9/11 from feeling great heat on their skin without any fire near them, as well as early WTC7 destruction, Electromagetic Pulse, non-impact plane flyby, and people being pushed out of a WTC tower.

From the timing that Cathy relates, these seismic events appear to have occurred around the time that the first (CGI) plane “impacted” the first tower. This is further support for my hypotheses, appearing in my articles, that each time a CGI plane “hit” a tower, (actually upper explosions set off), the regime also set off a basement nuke. (As I have written, to allow for bottom over collapse, in case the intricate top-bottom collapse--which involved many mini-nukes--failed to occur. I have written herein on the need for redundancy by the regime.) Recall I have quoted engineers that stated that a sub-basement floor and garage were “just gone,” and that a 50-ton steel press was vaporized, and that a steel/concrete door was shriveled up like aluminum foil-- all at the time of the first “plane hit”. (Statements made by Engineer Mike Pecoraro. See: http://covertoperations.blogspot.com/2007/08/by-anonymous-physicist-sgt.html
and my other nuclear demolition articles at www.wtcdemolition.blogpsot.com)

Of course all this, and the now revealed much larger earthquake(s) felt a mile away, can only arise from nukes-- and not from gravitational collapse of pristine pancakes, or evidence-free and cold DEW, or thermite which never vaporized anything let alone whole floors and massive steel presses. Neither does thermite stay hot for months and cause the China Syndrome of radioactive fragments generating high heat for months, and thus the molten metal still seen six months later. See here www.wtc-chinasyndrome.blogspot.com

So we now have eyewitness testimony that larger earthquakes-- which directly implies nuclear bomb use-- occurred on 9/11, than the regime has allowed to promulgate, via its Goebbels-like MSM, or the intel agency-controlled “911truth” forums.

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