Thursday, March 27, 2008

More On the Immediate and Continous Radiation Lowering, and Shielding, Techniques Used at the WTC, after 9/11

by The Anonymous Physicist

Recall I have stated that the acts of trucking in (and out) of sand/earth, that began the very morning after 9/11, were likely done to lower the radiation levels at the WTC. I have hypothesized that Mayor Giuliani got the word from the federal perps to do this after the perps knew of the radiation/China Syndrome at “Ground Zero.” The perps knew this because they knew the types of nukes they had used, and had either agents on the ground assaying radiation levels, or had planes or satellites doing this from above. Hosing down the rubble pile with water also began as soon as they got the trucks and crews down there to this. This continued for months, as the photographic evidence clearly indicates.

Now I would like to present to you some corroboration that these two methods are used to lower radiation levels, and /or act as shielding, for people in the vicinity of nuclear radiation.

The Safety Handbook of the Alberta (Canada) Forest Products Association describes what to do in case of various emergencies. In the case of radiation exposure, it says for Shielding: Use shielding between yourself and the source of radiation. Equipment, concrete blocks, and PILES OF DIRT OR GRAVEL often provide makeshift shielding.” As Judy Wood’s site indicated (for incorrect reasons, of course) trucks began carrying sand/earth in—and out—of the WTC the next morning. Carrying away the sand/earth may have had the same purpose as selling the WTC steel to China did—to hide the radioactive evidence.

Wiki has several articles that are relevant here too. First this article“ states how paper and water can shield people from radiation: “Alpha radiation is the easiest to shield, because the very massive alpha particles can be stopped even with a leaf of paper. Beta radiation (electrons) is more difficult… shielding must be accomplished with low density materials, e.g. plastic, wood, WATER or acrylic glass.”

The importance of shielding from beta radiation emitted by fissile material is indicated in another wiki article here http://en.wikipediaorg/wiki/Nuclear_fission “Most nuclear fuels undergo spontaneous fission only very slowly, decaying mainly via an alpha/beta decay…. Fission products tend to be beta emitters…”

The following source appears to be written by someone well familiar with the ins and outs of nuclear reactors, and an almost rabid proponent of them—- which I am not. He states how well water can reduce radiation levels in a nuclear reactor: “24 inches of water reduces radiation by a factor of 10 -- therefore it is called a tenth thickness…”

The photos and text from Joel Meyerowitz’ book indicate that the water hosing down of the rubble pile was a massive, continuous effort for months. I would add that water hosing, and the subsequent steam seen emitted many times, also carried away heat as well as lowered radiation. The water’s temperature is raised, and then more energy is used up in the conversion to steam—very much like what happens in a nuclear reactor.

Now these sand/earth and water treatments were of limited use against the fissioning fragments at the bottom of the rubble pile, and in the sub-basement areas of the towers and WTC7. But here distance and inaccessibility acted as shielding for the vast majority of the responders. Only a few were allowed access to the basement areas, it is known. So it is clear that until carted away, the radioactive fission fragments at the WTC (aka the China Syndrome)--causing the great heat in the rubble pile (for threee months), and the even greater temperatures, and flowing molten metal up to six months, after 9/11, underneath the towers and WTC7--had continuous radiation-lowering, and shielding, methods applied to them.

Undoubtedly even more cancers and radiation sicknesses would have resulted among responders, and the local inhabitants, if these sand/earth, and water, measures were not undertaken. These methods lowered the radiation exposure to responders, they provided “makeshift shielding, ” and they also carried away heat. I am not stating this was done out of any concern for the responders, or New York metro area inhabitants; but rather to try to hide the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome aftermath. But the evidence of all that can be found in the archived articles at and

What we should never forget, at this point, is what was learned in the long-term studies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors It took decades for many survivors of those nukes to get cancer or other illnesses. The already known 400 (as of 2006) blood, lymph and thyroid cancers—all common among people exposed to radiation--among 911 responders is likely, and sadly, a drop in the bucket, compared to what may be coming. And, as far as I know, studies to see if there has been an increase of cancer, and/or other immune disorders, among the millions of New York metro inhabitants, since 9/11/01, have not been undertaken.

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