Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Final Word on The Tritium

by The Anonymous Physicist

I have written, that after long and careful analyses, the best bet for the main factor that destroyed the WTC on 9/11/01 were numerous, small, fission bombs. Others have claimed that one (hypothetical) 4th generation, pure fusion nuclear bomb destroyed each tower. This is what the anonymous Finnish military expert wrote. And the Finn apparently based his entire 4th generation pure fusion hypothesis on the finding of tritium at the WTC on 9/13/01. Since he was the first person to publish any specific nuclear destruction scenario for 9/11, many others cite his work as being definitive, or such. (He could still be correct, though this is extremely unlikely.) And so many who state that they are proponents of the nuclear destruction hypothesis of the WTC are proponents of the pure fusion mechanism, because the Finn is; and he cited the Tritium found at the WTC on 9/13/01. Or there could be a more sinister reason for these numerous individuals to support the pure fusion scenario.

Now the Finn apparently gave overarching consideration to the Tritium found and published in the article, “Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center” by T.M. Semkow, et al. It was published at the 223rd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Orlando, FL, April 7-11, 2002. The article states that “This work was performed under the auspices of the United States Department of Energy by the University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract No. W-7405-Eng-48.” (Note that this is the same lab that allegedly can create “super nano-composite thermite” that yields “unextinguishable fires,” and thus new laws of chemistry and physics as well as the first equivalent perpetual motion mechanism. [If only.] It’s also the same lab that is remasterminding Kennedy Assassination audio tapes. And I have some suspicions on what the “Eng” might mean.) It should be noted that this paper contains several bogus and ludicrous attempts to account for the tritium at the WTC on 9/13. Mostly they allege that the tritium came from exit signs on the planes that “crashed into the towers.” The paper also alleges that tritium was in the sightings on the guns of police officers killed that day. The first “mechanism” is obviously bogus, as there is not a single video that agrees with reality in that the “planes” are clearly just CGI broadcast on TV, and there was no credible evidence on the ground that any planes had crashed into the towers, and did so with blatantly, obvious impossible crash physics. Sources have also stated that the tritium claim on gun sightings is also bogus, if not totally, then regarding the amount.

Being a long-term expert on gov’t conspiracies and crimes, I see the whole tritium matter very deeply. The regime can and does refuse to release anything damning. So why did they release any data showing tritium at all, when they could have kept this under wraps, as I am sure FEMA is doing with WTC radiation readings? One possible answer is that it would provide a ruse for others to later claim the mythical 4th generation pure fusion bomb was used-- thus obviating what was there in NYC for 6 months-- the China Syndrome. And always remember, we are discussing the Lawrence Livermore Labs, designers of humanity-exterminating WMD for more than 60 years, as well as the above nefarious actions, related to the thermite hangout and JFK murder.

Now my first articles on my “many small nukes hypothesis” cited evidence for both fission and fusion at the WTC. I too ignored one important factor in these matters for a while-- but I have changed that in later articles and in a larger work-- but have not played this up at this blog, and wish to rectify this now. I have also written that it may be more than coincidence that a 4th generation pure fusion bomb does not allow for what we clearly had at the WTC for up to six months-- the China Syndrome of great heat GENERATION from the remnants of the many fission bombs, as each used only about 1-6% of its fissile material. That is, pure fusion does not allow for the China Syndrome as any remnants of pure fusion components (such as deuterium or tritium) do not allow for this-- only Uranium or Plutonium fissioning can. Note that a fission-triggered fusion bomb could still allow for the China Syndrome. Only the pure fusion scenario does not. So it is curious that the Finn immediately went with pure fusion, and not with the possibility of fission-triggered fusion. And the Finn based this on the tritium finding, and either did not know about, or chose to ignore, all the evidence of massive heat generation at the WTC for 6 months, and also the following matter.

One factor from nuclear physics has been mostly left out of this “nuclear choice.” This is TERNARY FISSION, and was included in William Tahil’s book. Unfortunately that book was shown by this researcher to be incorrect on several points. These included the “nuclear reactor” hypothesis being thoroughly unnecessary and impossible, as is his and the Finn’s claim that a single nuke destroyed each tower. (Tahil also incorrectly stated that a fission nuke uses up 100% of its fissile material, when it is only 1-6%.) I have also cited much evidence both of a preliminary sub-basement nuke timed with the explosions on top (so-called “plane hits”), and that the final destruction involved numerous small nukes. So the single nuke scenario, from the Finn and Tahil, is untenable.

Now most fission reactions of Uranium or Plutonium are binary-- they yield TWO large “daughter elements” (e.g., Barium and Krypton, or Strontium and Xenon), plus 2-3 neutrons, plus energy in the form of gamma rays. But since 1959, it has been publicly known, via this article, that ternary fission yields TRITIUM, along with its THREE daughter elements, plus the excess neutrons, and energy. And thus with the numerous fission bombs that were detonated, and with the additional possible factors of redundancy and fratriciding that my articles have detailed, we can arrive at perhaps the most likely source of tritium in the rubble-- the fission nukes themselves. I have seen estimates for the percentage of tritium production from ternary fission ranging from 1% down to .005%. (There is the possibility of deliberate disinformation, in some matters of nuclear physics, so one cannot often trust public nuclear physics discussions.) Because of this, and not knowing what element(s) were fissioned, nor how much of each, it is impossible to know just how much tritium could have been produced by ternary fission in the numerous micro-nukes used to destroy the WTC. But it appears to be more than would occur from non-existent planes, or gun sightings; and the proven heat generation of the China Syndrome Aftermath belies the use of a mythical 4th generation pure fusion device.

The most likely type of nuclear bombs used, was the type that could be made the smallest, and was the simplest, and most proven/dependable (compared to the others). This was the “good old” pure fission form of nuclear bombs. As I have shown, they’re even backpackable. And in the final analysis-- given ternary fission-- there never was any basis for claiming that the nuke(s) used at the WTC had to be 4th generation pure fusion, nor even that there was any fusion at all at the WTC. We may never be able to prove exactly what happened regarding the nuclear destruction of the WTC on 9/11, by the American regime; but we should strive to emphasize the most likely, and the most dependable factors the American regime would have used. And we must realize that the regime wanted to hide the China Syndrome Aftermath, as that poisoned thousands of responders, and to a lesser extent, millions of metro NY residents.

So any tritium found on 9/13/01 at the WTC, was most likely from ternary fission, not fusion. But if you want one more, perhaps crucial, plausibility argument, here it is. Fusion bombs have a history of having a yield larger than expected. And the perps strenuously wanted NOT to blow through the building in an obvious nuclear manner. A nuke having a yield larger than needed could not be risked. This would have been visible to thousands, perhaps millions; and such knowledge would have been difficult to contain. (Whereas radiation findings were controlled by FEMA, and the Gestapo regime need only scream “national security” to prevent release of such data-- including the tritium paper, if it had wanted to.) I have emphasized the need not to blow through the building in an obvious nuclear way, since my very first article herein. This is one reason why some conventional explosives may have been used during the destruction scenario, as I have also written.

What the nukes were mainly for, in my estimation, was to vaporize INSTANTLY, and definitively, the necessary core structure for the TOWERS’ ENSUING RAPID, APPROXIMATE, FREEFALL RATE OF COLLAPSE! The PTB apparently intended to later push the impossible “gravitational pancaking” ruse, even though it violates numerous laws of Physics, and we can see the outer structure being exploded outward, by the overpressure within. (You can compare what happens during an actual gravitational collapse by seeing this.) The PTB clearly wanted to shove a physically impossible, evidence-opposing destruction "mechanism" down the throats of the masses. They know what it does to many peoples’ psyches. It induces denial, fear, schizoid behavior, and hopelessness-- all good for the coming endless wars, and destruction of the American Constitution. Putting out a physically impossible and evidence-opposing “mechanism” for WTC destruction jibes with other events perpetrated by the American regime. With the American regime’s assassination of the Peace President, John Kennedy, the “official” scenario is that the fatal head shot was fired from behind, even though Kennedy’s body is slammed violently straight back--from the shot fired, from the front, by his Secret Service “protector”/driver. The ludicrous shot from behind violates the simple Law of Conservation of Momentum. As I have written, the WTC bogus scenario entails “pristine pancaking”-- violating Newton’s Laws of Motion. Similarly the JFK Assassination had (future) Senator Specter’s “pristine bullet” that smashed into 5 bones, made turns on its own, hung out for 2 seconds and looked virtually like new-- and violated the Momentum Conservation Law. The PTB want to put out these impossible “mechanisms” to dumb down, shock, or paralyze the people. Most people go into denial, and do not want to think about it, because their subconciousnesses know what is really involved. Those who can think and see, and have combatted the denial, are then further confounded with other limited hangouts put out by the Gestapo Regime’s hidden intel agents posing as “leaders” of the “truth movement.” These WTC hangouts included the evidence-free inanity of DEW, and the “thermite burns forever” impossibility. Both are easily demonstrated to be physically impossible to have caused the WTC destruction, and the CSA. All the regime’s hidden assets earlier inserted at the top of the “alternative” or conspiracy internet media, were then instructed to push these hangouts and avoid mention of the nuking and the China Syndrome Aftermath.

Returning now to the fission vs. fusion issue. Blowing through the outer structure of the building with unnecessary fusion--either as the hypothetical pure fusion, or as a fission-fusion bomb-- could not be risked, when pure fission micro-nukes were readily available. Fission nukes have a more "guaranteed" upper bound on their yields, and are more dependable as well, compared to either the alleged pure fusion or the fission-fusion bomb. In the final analysis, the release of the tritium data may have been a clever Intel Op to try to hide the China Syndrome Aftermath, and its nuclear fission cause. If there was tritium at the WTC, its most likely source was ternary fission.

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