Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why the Upper Section of the South Tower Disintegrated So Rapidly--

rather than falling as a large chunk of building.

I always thought the way the large upper section of WTC2 just turned into dust early on in the collapse of the building was odd.

This thirty story section of the tower was essentially undamaged, yet early on in the collapse, it started tilting and twisting and falling, then the part of the building below this section starts collapsing. Before the collapse proceeds very far though, the upper section disintegrates into dust.

Now how on earth can the upper part of the building drive the collapse if it is also turning into a huge dust cloud?

In any case, here is a picture from an angle I hadn't seen before, showing the top of WTC2 just tilting. At the same time, there are multiple explosive squibs coming out the west face of this upper section.

Thus, this shows fairly clearly why the upper section turned to dust. This is unequivocal evidence for controlled demolition, in my opinion. Massive controlled demolition.

Early moment during the collapse of the South tower-- note multiple explosive jets coming out of the upper tilting section. Posted by Picasa

p.s. here is the video from which it looks like that still was taken.

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