Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Irrefutable Evidence for Massive Explosives in the South Tower Collapse

Early moments in the collapse of the South WTC Tower (frames 227 and 255 are about one second apart):

Here, the top 35 stories of the tower are boxed, so the movement of this building chunk can be followed:

As described by "Nerdcities":
In the above frames we follow the north-east corner of the tower as this 35 floor section collapses. Using the north-east corner as a reference I have outlined in red the progress of this 35 floor top section as it descends.

The first thing to note is that the top section itself must be disintegrating otherwise (as the above frames show) the top section would have extended far into parts of the building that are clearly as yet unaffected by the collapse.

But what could possibly cause the top section to disintegrate? And in fact, what could possibly cause the top section to almost entirely disintegrate, before the lower section begins to collapse?

You have to realize that most of the top section had not been affected by the aircraft strike or fires and was thus still the same immensely strong structure that had supported the building for more than 30 years. If this section was going to fall at all, this section would fall as one piece (like a tree in the forest). Unless, of course, this section had been laced with explosives and was undergoing a controlled demolition of its own, just a few moments before the lower part of the building was demolished.

Sp, why did the upper section of the South Tower disintegrate so rapidly-- rather than falling as a large chunk of building?

As shown above, the fact that the large upper section of WTC2 just turned into dust early on in the collapse of the building is extremely strong evidence for explosive demolition.

As explained also above, this thirty story upper section of the south tower (WTC2) was essentially undamaged-- yet early on in the collapse, it started tilting and twisting and falling, and the part of the tower below the breakpoint starts collapsing. Before this collapse proceeds very far, the upper section disintegrates into dust-- in a matter of seconds.

(Related issue: how on earth can the upper part of the building drive the collapse of the lower tower if it is also turning into a huge dust cloud?)

Here is a picture of this upper section from the opposite angle as shown in the previous post (from the south), showing the top of WTC2 just as it starts to tilt. At the same time, there are multiple explosive jets, or sharp smoke puffs, coming out the west face of this upper section.

This picture shows fairly clearly why the upper section turned to dust.

This is unequivocal evidence for controlled demolition, in my opinion.

Massive controlled demolition.

Early moment during the collapse of the South tower-- note multiple explosive jets coming out of the upper tilting section. Posted by Picasa

If you are interested, or think this picture was faked somehow-- here is the video from which that still was taken. The video actually gives a better view of the multiple explosions coming out of the upper section of the building.

By the way, if you think a building will suddenly crumble from the bottom up when the bottom floor is blown out, you MUST see this video of a failed controlled demolition.

If you would like a more scientific analysis proving demolition, please see here and here.

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