Tuesday, January 24, 2006


That is, the little isolated jets of debris shooting out the side of the WTC ahead of the collapsing portion:

Multiple squibs were seen to accompany the collapses of both the south and north WTC towers.

A researcher named Aidan Monaghan has made some important points about the squibs:
Several theories have been advanced in order to explain the presence (of) these "squibs", including:

- Theory A: That collapsing or "pancaking" floors of each tower were responsible for creating these "squibs".

- Theory B: That collapse debris was compressed down elevator shafts by each tower collapse's demolition wave and that some of this debris escaped these elevator shafts at various points and burst through various upper floor windows, in the form of "squibs".

- Theory C: That these "squibs" were evidence of preset explosive devices that were used to deliberately collapse each tower.

Given that a nearly simultaneous, internal collapse or "pancaking" of floors would likely create more visibly significant and widespread damage to each towers structure beyond the small and isolated "squibs" that were evident at certain locations (and that were often well below each visible demolition wave), it seems that Theory A can not realistically account for these "squibs".

Indeed, what could be the most remarkable detail that refutes Theory B is that certain "squibs" were present at lower floors well before even outer free fallingdebris descending to the ground was, during at least WTC 2's collapse.

Theory B would therefore imply that likely massive amounts of collapse debris was descending down WTC 2's narrow elevator shafts at a faster rate than free fall speed, in order for the afore mentioned "squibs" to be present at lower floors, well before free falling debris outside of the collapsing building was. This would seem to be a very unlikely outcome.

In addition, these "squibs" were often white in color, very unlike the grey and black colors of the pulverized concrete and smoke that the observed demolition waves were comprised of. For Theory B to be correct, one would expect dark grey or even black colored debris bursts or "squibs", not white.

Based on the seeming unreliability of Theories A and B as explanations for the afore mentioned "squib" phenomena, Theory C (the use of preset explosive devices) ought to be subject to greater consideration and scrutiny, regardless of it's implications.

Additionally, ... WTC tower elevator transportation was divided into 3 segments.

... the passage of any compressed debris through elevator shafts during each tower's collapse (originating well above each 78th floor) would have been obstructed at the 78th floors of each tower and thus one would have expected to see the afore mentioned "squib" debris at the 78th floors of each tower, instead of floors much further below.
He has more pictures that illustrate his points.

I think the squibs are strongly indicative of explosive demolition, and importantly, similar squibs are seen with known cases of controlled demolition.

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