Monday, November 20, 2006

The World Trade Center: a Brief Post-Mortem

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WTC1 (the north tower)-- completely annihilated, with amazingly little debris left

WTC2 (the south tower)-- completely annihilated, with somewhat more debris than WTC1, but still amazingly little debris.

WTC3 (the Marriot hotel)-- essentially annihilated, with some debris piled up

WTC4-- half was completely annihilated, half more or less intact

WTC5-- this building had the largest footprint of any of the WTC buildings (lower right side of the complex). It essentially remained upright but had a number of very odd holes punched in its roof

WTC6-- this building had the 2nd largest footprint of the WTC buildings. It is the one with a huge gaping hole in it's center-- though it essentially remained upright. The origin of this huge hole is not really clear; it is not clear that debris from the WTC1 demolition caused the huge straight-sided all-the-way-through-to-the-bottom hole.

WTC7-- a huge building that collapsed into an incredibly neat pile (between two non-WTC buildings on the right side of the complex).

Just as a matter of forensics here, what gets me are:

1) the huge WTC towers are blasted down to their bases-- the massive cores are GONE.

2) for some reason, WTC2 was a little messier than WTC1 and left a larger debris pile.

3) overall the debris piles from WTC1 and WTC2 are much smaller than you would expect for "normal" building collapses.

4) the odd holes in the roofs of WTC5 and WTC6

5) the lack of debris like filing cabinets and doorknobs.

6) how much of the underground structure was left intact.

I really don't think Beam Weapons as an explanation for Ground Zero are crazy at all, when you look at what happened.

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